TITUTI THERAPY is a form of SEITAI Manual Therapy

Literally translated, the Japanese word SEITAI means 'to bring the body to order'. In good health the body can be considered as existing in a SEITAI state whereby the body is functioning at its optimum level. In a healthy body, internal organs, muscles, ligaments and the skeletal system are balanced and in harmony.  

TITUTI WELLNESS aims to help our clients reach a SEITAI state.  

During the initial assessment we look for any body imbalances. We are sensitive to any discomfort or pain felt by our clients but in terms of results, we focus on the individual’s overall body balance. Pain is often the body's signal to indicate that something is not working, leading to limitations in movement. Through our technique, we send neurological signals through touch and movement to help the client improve mind-body connection and reactivate muscle memory. By reactivating these muscles, the body is able to remember how to move, eventually rebalancing the body and decreasing pain to reach optimum function.

TITUTI uses a very light non-invasive therapy technique and does not directly treat the area of problem. Thus, the treatment is often painless and uses a holistic approach to rebalance the body.



    • Relatively fast results in terms of mobility

    • Light pressure - usually not painful

    • Increase the body’s natural healing power

    • Understanding how the body is changing

    • Improve mind-body connection

    • Difference in body performance (before & after) 

Possible Side Effects:

    • Fatigue & Sleepiness

    • You may experience a “healing crisis” 

(sometimes known as a detox reaction), a temporary worsening of symptoms that arise as the body first goes through shock and reacts before beginning the healing process.

    • Soreness