TI - TU - TI  means  "HAND IN HAND"

in the Okinawan language.

At TITUTI WELLNESS we strive to work "hand in hand" with our clients to increase their ability to naturally heal while improving balance, mind-body connection, and mobility.

Ryo Tamanaha

Seitai Manual Therapist / MLB Massage Therapist

mobility & balance / natural healing / sports recovery

Ryo was born and raised in Japan's southernmost islands of Okinawa. He played baseball on a college scholarship until he injured his elbow. After surgery and navigating several therapy treatments, he was able to recover and play his senior year. Although his baseball career came to an end, this sparked his journey to become a manual therapist to support athletes like himself who suffer from injury. After several years training in SEITAI therapy methods and experience running a clinic specializing in mobility and athletic performance in Japan, Ryo moved to Los Angeles to become a certified massage & sports massage therapist. In 2023, he opened his own practice in San Diego. He currently works as a Major League Massage Therapist for the Philadelphia Phillies. 

Tokyo International University (TIU), 2012-2016

-  Bachelor's degree, Business & Commerce

-  Collegiate Baseball (pitcher)

Seitai Manual Therapist, 2018 - 2021 (Japan)

-  Clients included professional athletes & general public

-  Experience working with professional athletes across many different sports including

Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Handball, Soccer, Volleyball, MMA, etc

-  Traveled to USA, Denmark, and China 

National Holistic Institute (NHI), 2022

-  CAMTC Certified Massage Therapist #91233

- AMTA  Member #1967692

-  Los Angeles Marathon, Massage Therapist Support

-  IMG Junior World Golf Championship, Team Japan Support

-  Kobe University, Sports Business US Training Guest Speaker


-ALBION SAN DIEGO (professional Soccer Team) Sports Manual Therapist 


- MLB Massage Therapist, Philadelphia Phillies